Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Social Media and the Changing Industry

I started this industry many years ago when the Internet really did not exist the way it does today! With the Internet and peoples lives being so much busier -- we are trying to do more than ever in a 24 hour time frame... the world of MLM has changed because of that. It fits differently into peoples lives. People today leverage the Internet to their favor to produce a higher return much quicker with less time invested. That is why it is so important to understand the power of social media and what it can do for your home based business. Many of us are active on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or even LINKEDIN. With these new relationships we can use utilize this resource to talk about our new home based business - our new venture with passion and excitement. We can now share it with everyone we know at the touch of a button. Learn to leverage your power to produce maximum results with minimum time invested. Check out Jennifer Fong (Google) and sign up for her free newsletter that defines action steps you can take to make Social Media work to your favor! Also, go to my website and download the report http://www.mlmdivausa.com/ when looking at direct selling companies!

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