Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Consumables vs. Services (intangibles)

This industry is broken up in to 2 categories of products; intangibles and tangibles. Some of your decision will be based on the end product experience. The other components are the financial opportunity and the people behind the company and what they offer. So let's talk a little about the 2 personalities of the product. Are you comfortable with a tangible product which means an actual product (consumable) being digested (or used) every month (30 day supply) or an intangible item such as a service being offered on a monthly basis. Either way you, you must experience the process yourself and determine if this is a viable business opportunity that you can promote each and every month. When it comes to re-sale to a costumer or the autoship program (distributor and preferred customer); is this a strong and viable product or service that I can sell or promote to everyone and feel good. Services provided on auto-ship or re-sale are a different type of sale - so making sure the selling process works for you is important. A large portion of your downline commissions will be derived from the revenue created in your your organization from your customers and distributor purchases each and every month (repeat sales). So make sure that the repeat order of the product or service is a strong and engaging experience and creates a high level of VALUE! Make that decision if the company you choose to go with needs to be a company that offers a product or service! Go to and download my FREE report on further information.

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